Pen Addict Podcast Episode 98 – “Space Credits”


Brad and Myke were kind enough to bring me back AGAIN on this week’s episode of The Pen Addict Podcast. The Long Island Pen Show was this past weekend, and I did a full recap post you can see here. The main topic of discussion on the show was my newly purchased, custom ground Pilot Custom 823 and general pen show order of operations. Enjoy!

“In this episode Brad and Myke are joined by Ed Jelley to recap the Long Island Pen Show. Ed provides great insight, especially concerning a purchase he made that knocked Brad’s socks off. We also discuss Myke’s Nock Co. order landing across the pond and the new Retro 51 Tornado Touch.”

You can listen to the podcast on the
5by5 Network right here!

It was a lot of fun being on the show, and I just wanted to thank Brad and Myke again for having me!

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