Weekly Loadout Submission – Stuart H. of Informal Scribble

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Stuart H. of Informal Scribble
@q_t_scribbles on Twitter

Stuart’s Description (Top to Bottom):

  •  Visconti Van Gogh ‘Room in Arles’ Fine nib loaded with Diamine OxBlood
  • Pilot Vanishing Point ‘Matte Black’ Fine nib loaded with Pilot Iroshizuku Kiri-Same
  • Kaweco Sports Luxe Extra-Fine nib loaded with Diamine Blaze Orange

My everyday pen is the Pilot Vanishing Point but my prized possession is the Visconti Van Gogh.  This for me is my favourite pen and has made me cross a line from being a pen fan to a pen collector. I could see me trying to collect more Visconti’s this year and in fact I ordered a Visconti Rembrandt today.  The Kaweco is the most recent addition to my collection and the Sports Luxe model is one I hadn’t come across before. Another pattern you might notice is that I enjoy using fine to extra fine nibs.  They suit my everyday purposes. These three pens I would recommend in a heart beat.

IMG_0135 IMG_0133

Editor’s Note:

Thank you for sharing your Loadout Stuart! That Visconti is definitely something to be proud of. I handled a Homo Sapiens Bronze Age back at a pen show last year and it was awesome. I’ve never written with one though. I love my Vanishing Point, when I saw the matte black, I knew I had to have it. I have a bunch of Kaweco pens, but not the Sport Luxe. I really like the built in clip, as the one they sell that you can attach on isn’t very functional. Oxblood is one of my favorite inks too! I went with Fuyu-Syogun instead of Kiri-Same, but they’re both great grey inks from Iroshizuku. Thanks again for submitting!

You can find Stuart blogging over at Informal Scribble or on Twitter at @q_t_scribbles. Thanks for sharing!

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