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Bob of MyPenNeedsInk.com
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Bob My Pen Needs Ink Loadout

Bob’s Description (Top to Bottom):

  • Nussbaum Carmel – Diamine Amazing Amethyst
  • Edison 76 – Noodlers Zhivago
  • Bexley Corona – Noodlers Eel Blue
  • Nakaya Long – Iroshziuku Asa-Gao
  • Platignum Green Apple – Diamine Ancient Copper
  • Kaweco Sport Push button – D2 Blue Black refill
  • Mini Sharpie – Indigo black with a wet broad width felt nib

Bob’s Favorite Combo:

I am loving that Nussbaum.

Bob’s Least Favorite Combo:

The Zhivago is just a bit too plain for me when so many other colorful combinations exist!

Editor’s Note:

Thank you Bob for submitting! I can start off by saying how jealous I am of that Nakaya. I have my eye on a Piccolo or a Naka-ai though, but yours is still stunning. The Edison is also cool as well, I’ve been wanting a Menlo pump filler for a while now but that 76 is nice! You have a nice well rounded Loadout here – including your two non-fountain pens – which are always necessary. Thanks again for submitting!

You can find Bob blogging over at MyPenNeedsInk.com or on Instagram at @mypenneedsink. Thanks for sharing!

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 10.23.40 AMIf you would like to submit your Weekly Loadout of pens, ink, and paper, please share by clicking here and filling out the form!

5 thoughts on “Weekly Loadout Submission – Bob of MyPenNeedsInk.com

  1. Ed – Thanks for the plug. Bite the bullet on the Nakaya, I’m telling you it’s worth every dime. I use it every day and it’s everything and more that has been written about them. I also splurged on a Pelikan M1000. The big M is a disappointment compared to my Nakaya.

    1. I actually met up with a fellow fountain pen user from the area who has 5 of them! Got to handle the Desk Pen, Neo Standard, and Naka-ai – all awesome. Definitely swayed me!

      I think I’ll be purchasing a Neo Standard, medium soft nib, 8/10 wetness in either kuro-tamenuri or shu (unpolished).

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