One Star Leather Goods Pen Sleeves – Review

Leather Pen Sleeves
by One Star Leather Goods

What are they:  Handmade, hand-stitched pen sleeves, expertly crafted in California. Made of superior quality Horween Chromexcel Leather.

One Star Leather Pen Sleeves ReviewWho Makes it:  Each pen sleeve is hand made by Keegan, the proprietor of One Star Leather Goods.

Specs From One Star Leather:

This is a genuine 100% handmade-in-the-USA product. No sewing machines, no assembly lines. Just top quality raw materials put together by hand. When you just want to take one of your pens, but you want it protected. A simple sleeve 4cm x 16cm (1.7″ x 6.4″).

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One Star Leather Goods – Site

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The Review:

One Star Leather Pen Sleeves ReviewAfter speaking to Keegan through Instagram, he kindly offered to make up and send some leather pen sleeves my way. Huge thanks to him! The first sleeve is a full sized model that easily fits my Montblanc 149. I opted for forest green with brown stitching and the combination of the black resin, gold furnishings, and the green case is stunning.One Star Leather Pen Sleeves ReviewThe first thing I did when the package arrived was smell the leather. Horween is one of the oldest leather tanneries in the world, and their product is top notch. The leather smelled wonderful and it is super soft to the touch. The inside of the sleeve is not lined, but its texture is definitely friendly to even scratch-prone pens. One Star Leather Pen Sleeves ReviewThe smaller pen sleeve is no different, it’s tailored to a Kaweco Sport and fits perfectly. I went for the Cognac color to match my ART Sport in Amber. The pair look amazing together. I’m a sucker for leather goods, and it always helps when they’re handmade. The craftsmanship is great as well – the stitching it evenly spaced and the edges are smooth. One Star Leather Pen Sleeves ReviewMy Pelikan pen sleeve was around $40, and the One Star puts it to shame. The materials are better and I much prefer the hand made one over the mass produced Pelikan. I think the $30 price for the full sized pen sleeve is a bargain for what you’re getting. One Star Leather Pen Sleeves ReviewSince I got it, my Montblanc 149 has been happily living in the sleeve. I’ve been carrying the large case around in my pocket and it’s been great. One Star Leather Pen Sleeves ReviewThe case isn’t too big or thick, and doesn’t add a ton of extra bulk, yet it provides much more protection than if the pen were bouncing around in my pocket. One Star Leather Pen Sleeves ReviewThe smaller Kaweco sleeve has been bouncing around in my bag keeping the ART Sport safe, and no complaints there either. They’re both great product, and it’s nice to have a well made case that will last a lifetime protecting your favorite pen.
Thanks again to Keegan over at One Star Leather Goods, I’m super happy with my cases.


5 thoughts on “One Star Leather Goods Pen Sleeves – Review

  1. Thanks so much for the review Ed.
    I have been looking for a small sleeve for my Kaweco AL Sport. The blue aluminum body is starting to get scratched; living unprotected in my pant’s pocket.
    I also ordered the full-sized pen sleeve as well – you cannot beat the quality for such a fair price.

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