Kaweco ICE Sport Rollerball Pen Review

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Kaweco Ice Sport Rollerball Review

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Kaweco Ice Sport Rollerball Review

The Kaweco ICE Sport Rollerball Pen

in Pink

– Handwritten Review // Giveaway –

  • Review Ink: Kaweco Black Rollerball Cartridge
  • Review Paper: Rhodia A4 Spiral Pad w/ Grid Ruling


  • Description: A demonstrator-style clear plastic rollerball in the popular Sport form factor
  • Filling Mechanism: Takes rollerball cartridges, including the Schmidt Capless 8126
  • Weight: ~15 grams
  • Measurements: 4.1″ closed, 5.3″ posted – same as classic version
  • Color Options: A large variety of clear and opaque colors

Handwritten Review Scans:


Kaweco Ice Sport Rollerball ReviewIncluded in my Kaweco haul was this nice, shiny ICE Sport in hot pink. I figured since it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month and pink is their color, that this would be the perfect time to do a review and a giveaway of this pen. If you wish to donate anything, go over and check out the American Cancer Society’s donation page.  Every few dollars help, but don’t feel obliged! Thank you for reading, and enjoy the review.

kaweco Logo

I would  like to thank Sebastian at Kaweco for sending over this pen. That being said, the fact that I received the pen free of charge does not effect my opinion.

Appearance & Packaging:

Kaweco Ice Sport Rollerball ReviewThe ICE Sport Rollerball is pretty much identical to the Kaweco Sport Fountain Pen, except there’s no nib involved. The ICE series is made of see-through clear and colored plastic, demonstrator style . This model is clear and bright pink, which is pretty far outside of my normal color choice of black, grey, or matte black. While not for me, the color combination is certainly eye-catching. As in my previous reviews, I am still a fan of the Kaweco Sport form factor in both design and functionality. The clear demonstrator look is cool, even though all you’re looking at is the rollerball cartridge on the inside. The packaging for this pen is a regular cardboard box, but I do like the design on it.

Writing Performance:

Kaweco Ice Sport Rollerball Review

The included refill is an unbranded rollerball refill, in black. There’s no bleeding or feathering on Rhodia or copy paper. The line width is right around where I like it to be (~0.7mm?) and it lays down a consistent line. It’s not quite as smooth as the Schmidt 8126 capless rollerball refill, but it is by no means scratchy. I’ve had bad luck with purchasing refills for my Rotring Rapid Pro (why are there so so many!?), but the highly-regarded Schmidt 8216 does fit in this pen with no problems. The included refill will get you by just fine. It’s smooth and consistent with good on-page performance. 


Kaweco Ice Sport Rollerball ReviewIf you’ve read my prior reviews of the Kaweco Sport (regular here & aluminum here), you’re going to know how this part goes. The plastic versions of the Sport line are a big light for me, but they’re very comfortable. They fit great both in-hand and in-pocket. Posting the elongated cap extends the pen to the perfect writing length, while the overlap that the cap has when closed keeps the pen tiny for pocket carry. Balance isn’t much of an issue because of the pen’s light weight. You can see in the above picture that the pen is a good length for my average sized hand. Kaweco Ice Sport Rollerball Review


  • Great size for pocket carry
  • Included refill is nice
  • Clear plastic is a nice change of pace


  • It’s a bit on the light side for my tastes


Kaweco Ice Sport Rollerball ReviewIf you’re in the market for a nice rollerball that you can throw in your pocket, then consider the Kaweco Sport. Don’t be thrown off by the hot pink color, this pen is available from a bunch of retailers in a ton of different colors. The ease of use and lack of maintenance that is involved in using a rollerball is a nice departure from using fountain pens every so often. Thanks again to Kaweco for sending me this pen, check out the rest of the Kaweco line. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway, check out the info above!


Disclaimer: This pen was provided to me as a review unit, free of charge, by Kaweco, Germany. I was not compensated for this review, and this did not have any effect on my thoughts and opinions about the pen. Thank you for reading!

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53 thoughts on “Kaweco ICE Sport Rollerball Pen Review

  1. Being new into the pen scene, I would love the chance to increase my collection of nice pens. Always looking for a variety of pens to carry. Right now, in my pocket is a Fischer Space Pen, primarily because of its size. Thanks for the opportunity to win something new!

  2. I would love to win this pen. I’ve been obsessed with office supplies and finding the exact right pens and papers for as long as I can remember. Normally I’ve been opposed to lighter varieties as well, but I’ve been leaning a lot more to them lately- being able to write smaller and quicker. I also love that this specific pen comes with a refill. That is always a nice bonus. I’ve been planning to branch out more into mixed media photo techniques lately- using paint, sandpaper, my typewriter, etc. as well as writing over images. having the chance to experiment with different pens is always a plus. Thank you for posting this giveaway and keeping up the pen reviews. 🙂

  3. I have always been a pen lover–collecting various shades. I recently was introduced to fountain pens—kaweco being my first and I love it. The pink rolller ball pen is breath-taking, smooth, elegant, and classy! I would love to have it be a part of my collection.

  4. Very pink. But good size. My wife would love it. She dislikes fountain pens being a lefty.

  5. I haven’t tried a Kaweco before… I must admit I’ve been tempted by the rollerball that takes fountain pen cartridges. This is such a bright and cheery pen though. I’d love the chance to show it off. ^_^ Thank you for the chance.

  6. hii from İstanbul Turkey
    ı have full set of black chess board collection
    Kaweco s excellent pens and cases

  7. What a bright, cheerful pink. It would be a perfect pick me up during the work day. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. 🙂

  8. I love my orange Kaweco Sport fountain pen–it would be great to try the rollerball. Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. I have a Kaweco Sport fountain pen that is great, and I’ve been curious about the rollerball. I also really like the design of the Ice Sport.

  10. Very well done with the review as always, Ed! Questions: would the clip add a little weight to the pen? I like to add clips to Kawecos. Though it does take the roll out of rollerball. 😉 Also, do you think you could cut down a G2 refill or is it just too much? I like the G2 for my Retro 51 RB. Thanks!

  11. Very nice review Ed. Definitely a different looking pen, but still interesting. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity and keep up the good work on the reviews.

  12. Bright color, an edc that is much more exciting than a normal fish pen 🙂 Thanks for the give away, I hope to add this pen to my collection.

  13. Very nice color. It looks like something I would own! This could make up for the loss of part of my collection.

  14. Looks nice. I’ve been thinking about adding a kaweco to my small (but quickly growing) collection.

  15. Nice color and I can’t believe I’m saying that about something that’s pink. I’m really intrigued by Kaweco and need to try one out.

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