Help! – What do you want to see reviewed?

What to review?

So, this is pretty straightforward. I have tons of pens, a bunch of ink, and stacks of notebooks – but I’ve already reviewed a good chunk of them. I’m going to be going through my collection and doing a proper inventory (inkventory? I’m the worst.) so some new reviews should come with that. In the mean time, I’m reaching out to you guys/gals for suggestions on what you would want to see reviewed.

Is there anything out there that you’re having cold feet before purchasing that you would like to see get the treatment?

Let me know!

Sound off in the comments with any fountain pen, paper, ink, desk stuff, or anything related that you would like to see reviewed!

25 thoughts on “Help! – What do you want to see reviewed?

  1. I would like a modern review of the iconic Parker 51. Why is everyone so gaga about this pen? The nib puts me off. There is something I am not getting.

    1. Same reason I don’t have one in my collection. I have an out of commission Parker 41 that I have had no desire to restore. I’ll add it to the list, thanks!

  2. Any of the 5×8 sized journals that compete with the Rhodia Web Notebook. Plenty of Quo Vadis Habana, Leuchtturm, Moleskine and Exacompta reviews out there so if you have something different that would be great. Thanks

      1. A review of the Apicas would be amazing, being a doctor in Asia has its benefits and that includes getting the Apicas at 60% discounts compared to back home in the states and iroshizuku go for 13 dollars a pop 😎😎. Specifically the difference between the premium and non premium paper of the Apicas would be great! I am about to order almost 50 notebooks and I’m still on the fence on whether I should go wit the premium or non premium.

  3. It would be really useful to see nib sizes compared between different brands. For example, a Lamy F, a Pelikan F, and a TWSBI F. Since my pen collection is pretty small, I can’t do this, and some pens are a bit more expensive than I like to experiment with.

  4. Speaking of hooded nibs, I would really like to see a review of the Sheaffer Taranis. I badly want one, but am hesitant at the same time. I recently bought the Sailor Pro Gear Imperial Black, based on your review, and could not be happier. Also, any highly saturated, blue ink. I’m currently craving Cult Pens Deep Dark Blue.

    1. Awesome! Glad I could help in the decision, it’s one of my favorite pens.

      If you’re looking for a deep saturated blue, check out my review of J. Herbin Bleu Ocean. I also have a review of Baystate Blue in the works!

  5. I’d love to see you review any of the Faber-Castell pens (i.e. the Basic or the Loom). I feel like they are a great introductory pen but they are constantly being over looked!

    Also, I would love a review on the Sailor Nano Ink 🙂 Looks pretty amazing.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ve had my eye on that all black one for a while now.

      I also have the review of the Sailor Kiwa Guro Nano Black all written up, I just have to photograph it, check back this week!

      1. Ah, I am excited to see the review! I looks like such a fantastic black. I’m sure it was a joy to write with 🙂

        And the F-C carbon fiber carbon Basic is so sleek, It’s been taking a lot of self control not to buy it over the past few months…

  6. I used to use an osmiroid italic nib in school… No longer have it but do see that there are some companies that offer italic nib/stubs. If you have already reviewed these please advise.. If not would love to see an indepth review..thanks

    1. I have a Lamy 1.1, 1.5, and a Pilot Parallel in 6mm. I could do a rundown on all of the Lamy nibs, I think that would make a good post. Thanks for the suggestion!

  7. What about some Montblanc pens? Like the 149’s? Aside from materials, it would be great to understand the writing difference between a $100 and $700 pen.

    1. I happen to have a 149. A review is definitely in the works, and I will be sure to compare it to other pens that I like, but in different price ranges. Thanks for the suggestion!

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