Pelikan M605 Photo Post


I recently decided that it was time to try to sell my Pelikan M605. It’s a great pen, and one of the first things I posted on this site. The pen sold rather quickly through FPN’s Classified section, and it’s off to its new home in Texas. Before I got rid of the pen, I wanted to take some good photos, and since I really liked how they came out, I wanted to share them with you guys.

Pelikan M605 Review
I really love the color scheme of this pen. The silver accents on black, with the green ink window.

Pelikan M605 Review
My favorite part about the M605 is the scroll work on the nib. The shape of the nib itself is unique too.

Pelikan M605 Review
The clip on the M605 is a Pelican’s head. The eyes up top, and the long beak make up the shape of the clip.

Pelikan M605 Review
A slim cap band gives the M605 an understated look.

Pelikan M605 Review
Etched Pelikan logo on top of the cap.

Pelikan M605 Review
I’m really glad I owned this pen for the time I did, but it helped fund something bigger and better.
Pelikan M605 Fine Nib Writing Sample
Here’s a quick writing sample I did before the pen shipped. Sorry for the photo quality, it was taken on my phone.

13 thoughts on “Pelikan M605 Photo Post

  1. Nice photog. I tried that with one of my new pens but couldn’t get the lighting right. What Bigger and Better did you get? M800, M1000 ?

    1. Thanks! I used a soft box app on my iPad for the lighting. Propped it up with two tall drinking glasses and put the pen underneath. I was really happy with how they came out.

      I sold this pen to help potentially fund a Nakaya, I just want to handle one in person first. So nothing new yet, but it should be soon.

  2. Hi,

    What Lamy did you use to compare with the Pelikan’s line? I’m thinking of buying an m800 and I love the fine line that the Lamy Safari puts, I was wondering if you used a Safari. There seems to be a difference between the Lamy safari and Lamy 2000 nibs, the 2000 being much wider. Some people say the m800 would be wider than the safari equivalent nib, and other say it would be slightly thinner! Thanks a lot

    1. I used a Safari for the first fine and first medium lines, the one in red ink was my Lamy 2000.

      There’s definitely a difference, I can’t really say how much there is because I got my Lamy 2000 worked on, so it may run a bit wide.

      Hope this helps!

  3. Yes this was helpful, thanks a lot I’m. As you pointed out the Lamy safari F and the M600 F are nearly the same. Not sure if the M800 nibs would run differently than the M600 in terms of width and wetness, but we’ll see how it goes.

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