Ink Sample Giveaway! – UPDATE: Over!


Ink Sample Giveaway – April 2013
-Contest is Over-

So, I’m doing a small giveaway as a trial run for something much bigger and more exciting that will be happening at the end of May. This will not only be beneficial for me, but you guys can try out some new inks for free. I’ll also throw in an InkJournal notebook, and maybe something else. There will be two prizes, first prize is the samples and an InkJournal, second prize is 3 samples. The contest starts today, and will run for one week (ends April 23rd).


  1. 3, 4ml Samples of your choice from my TRADING POST list and an InkJournal Notebook
  2. 3, 4ml Samples of your choice from my TRADING POST list

How it works:

Go to this link for all of the ways you can enter, there are multiple ways that will give you the chance to enter more times. The bare minimum is to leave a comment on this post, then confirm it through the link. I have it set up so you can submit multiple entries every day, so come back tomorrow and enter some more. I’m trying out the Rafflecopter platform, hopefully it works out!

The contest has ended! Winners have been emailed!

Congratulations to Lenaldo R., and Kris K.,ย ย check your email inboxes that you signed up with!

Once the winners are chosen, they can pick three ink samples (~4ml) from my TRADING POST list, and I’ll pack them up and get them out as soon as I can.

Any questions, feel free to ask. This is a new experience for me too!

You must enter through the link in this post or the link in the giveaway page. This contest is open to anyone throughout the globe.

33 thoughts on “Ink Sample Giveaway! – UPDATE: Over!

  1. I would like to try the J.B.โ€™s Perfect Pen Flush,not actually ink, but why not ๐Ÿ™‚

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