Weekly Loadout Submission – Yves aka Cordwainer

Hey everybody, here we have another Weekly Loadout Submission, this time from Switzerland.

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Yves aka Cordwainer on instagram

Yves is a certified Swiss shoemaker who does some really great work. You can check out his project here!

Daily Use Week Nr 3 - C4Cgv

Yves’s Description (Left to Right):

  • Sheaffer Edit – 1.1mm (pencil)
  • Waterman’s Eddy – Extra Fine  GP Steel Nib
  • Parker 25 Flighter – Broad Steel Nib
  • Pelikan M400 – Broad Stub 14c Gold Nib
  • Visconti Van Gogh – Fine Steel Nib


  • Waterman – Mysterio Blue
  • Pelikan Brilliant – A Mix of Brown, Black, and Red
  • Pelikan Brilliant – A Mix Green and Black


  • Elco Switzerland Satin

Favorite Combo:

  • I love all my pens!

Least Favorite Combo:

  • Pelikan M400 filled with the Pelikan ink mix(black, red and brown). I need to search again the perfect mix of inks for this pen.

More Pictures in the Gallery (click to enlarge):

Editor’s Note:

Yves, you definitely have some nice combinations of pen and ink here. I think it’s interesting that you mix inks. I received an ink mixing kit for Christmas, but I have yet to experiment. I think I need a few more inks by the same manufacturer so I can safely experiment. Your Visconti Van Gogh is quite beautiful, as is the Pelikan M400 in striated brown. A Visconti Homo Sapiens is probably the next high end pen I’m going to be purchasing. I have a Pelikan M605 that I love. I would really like to try out a specialized nib like your stub though. The wrap you keep the pens in is also very nice to look at. It looks like it does a great job of protecting the pens too. Thanks again for submitting this great loadout, it’s my pleasure to feature it!

If you would like to submit your Weekly Loadout of pens, ink, and paper, please share by clicking here and filling out the form!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Loadout Submission – Yves aka Cordwainer

  1. Very nice pens and wrap. What brand is that wrap & where did you get it? I would like to try to make a design like that.

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