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Parker Quink in Black – Handwritten Fountain Pen Ink Review

Parker Quink Black Ink Handwritten Review 099Parker Quink – Black

Fountain Pen Ink

– Handwritten Review –

PenLamy 2000, Medium Nib
Ink: Parker Quink – Black
PaperRhodia dotPad, No. 16 – Top Spiral Bound

Parker Quink has been around for decades, which says a lot about a company. Usually when they’ve been making something for so long, that’s a good sign. While there’s nothing crazy about this ink, it’s a solid performer that gets the job done. Since it’s creation, Parker Quink was advertised as a fast-drying ink that required little maintenance. It’s a smooth writer that flows nicely. I think the saturation could be a bit better and there’s a bit of a greenish tinge to the ink, which I don’t know how I feel about. I prefer my black inks to be black, with no shading. I’ll use a grey if I want some variation, but I like my black to be black. My experience with Parker’s Quink was not bad, but there are definitely other black inks that I would reach for first.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the review!

Parker Quink Black Ink Handwritten Review 100

Parker Quink Black Ink Handwritten Review 101
I swear, that “Q” looked way cooler in my head.

Parker Quink Black Ink Handwritten Review 102

Parker Quink Black Ink Handwritten Review 103
Quink did have some shading going on. Like I mentioned before, I prefer my black inks with no line variation, but this one certainly isn’t bad.
Parker Quink Black Ink Handwritten Review 104
As I’ve been finding with most shading inks, they tend to get darker with more layers. Some inks just go on the page the first time the same as the third time, but this one does get darker with each pass.

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