Help! – What do you want to see reviewed?

What to review?

So, this is pretty straightforward. I have tons of pens, a bunch of ink, and stacks of notebooks – but I’ve already reviewed a good chunk of them. I’m going to be going through my collection and doing a proper inventory (inkventory? I’m the worst.) so some new reviews should come with that. In the […]

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It’s Here! The June 2013 Blog Carnival of Pen, Pencil and Paper!

Black Friday9

Welcome to the June 4, 2013 edition of carnival of pen, pencil and paper! This really came up fast and there are a bunch of great submissions. I’m especially a fan of the review by David Garrett of J. Herbin’s Bleu Pervenche. Make sure to check out all the links, they’re all good reads and […]

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Banditapple Carnet Handy Notebook – Handwritten Stationery Review

Banditapple Carnet Handy Notebook Handwritten Review - 6

Paper: Banditapple Carnet Handy Notebook Pen: Lamy Al-Star, Fine Nib Ink: Diamine Grey Notes: When announced these notebooks, I was intrigued. They were really cheap, and usually Goulet Pens does not steer me wrong with fountain pen friendly products. In this case, I disagree with the “friendliness”. When I got this pad, there was one thing […]

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Submit Your Weekly Pen, Ink, and Paper Loadout!

Weekly Loadout - 12/16/12 - Left to Right Head On

I will now be taking submissions for the Weekly Loadout feature. I think that it will give you guys the chance to get more involved with the website by providing an interactive feature. For now, I can only accept submissions where the photos are hosted elsewhere, as I do not yet have the capabilities to […]

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