Fountain Pens

An Introduction:

First and foremost, this is a blog about pens. While I may not have been using fountain pens for the longest time, I have jumped into the pen world with both feet and have not looked back since. I remember harassing my mother when I was a kid for the “cool” pens when we were shopping for school supplies. The “cool” pens were usually a Pilot rollerball or some sort of Uniball that had an ink window.  Throughout high school I exclusively wrote in Five Star notebooks because of their better paper quality than the average stuff (until I found Rhodia). The jump to fountain pens was the next logical step and since then it has become both an obsession and a passion. There is something about writing with a fountain pen that gives a sense of nostalgia that I cannot quite explain. Writing with a fountain pen just feels right. In a world where more and more things are typed on a computer it is refreshing to me to feel the nib glide over paper. There’s just something about a filled up notebook that feels better than a filled up hard drive.

A little over two years ago I bought my first Lamy Safari and things have  not been the same since. Lamy was a great affordable brand that allowed me as a beginner to try out all kinds of nibs and inks with ease. The more I lurked Fountain Pen Network and FPGeeks, the more I got involved. The world of vintage pens had opened up to me when I saw the mechanics of the Parker Vacumatic and the Sheaffer snorkel fillers. There is so much to take in in the world of fountain pens and I am really just getting started. I have always loved taking things apart and putting them back together. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there that finds sitting at my desk tweaking a nib or cleaning a pen to be oddly relaxing.

Here’s a few good places to start:

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