Good Made Better Penwell Traveler Review + Kickstarter Announcement!

Good Made Better Penwell Traveler Review + Kickstarter Announcement!

Good Made Better Penwell Traveler-8What is it?

The Penwell Traveler is a unique little desk accessory from Good Made Better – a small US-based shop ran by a gentleman named Dan. This is a different type of pen stand that keeps your pen at the ready in the writing position. It holds tightly onto the cap, allowing you to quickly (and in most cases with one hand) remove the pen and get writing. It essentially converter your regular everyday fountain pen into a desk pen.

Good Made Better Penwell Traveler-6Where can I get one?

The Penwell Traveler is now funding on Kickstarter. You can grab one here in a raw aluminum, Snow White, or Cerakote Storm Gray finish. Pledges start at $37 for the basic aluminum model and go up from there. At time of writing, there are a limited number of white models left and the gray is sold out. Good Made Better has smashed their funding goal by over $10,000!

Pick one up at this link!

What’s the deal with it?

Dan’s last product (which can be seen on his website) had a much more vintage vibe to it. This new model definitely brings things into the modern/minimal design territory and does so quite well. The idea of turning your favorite fountain pen into a desk pen is interesting. At first, I wasn’t so sure about it, but one of his older inkwell-inspired models has been sitting in use on my desk for the better part of a year and it has me firmly convinced that this is a necessary desk accessory. The functionality is simple. This little pivoting pen holder tightly squeezes the cap while sticking to the desk with a sticky “micro suction” pad that doesn’t leave behind any residue.The suction pad anchors the Penwell firmly to a surface of your choosing. The flatter and smoother the surface, the better it works. If it picks up some lint (it will), simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and the micro suction tape works as new. This new model pivots to your preferred angle and folds flat for easy transport. Design and construction are both solid – there’s no play in the pieces and the corners and cuts are all neat and tidy. There’s not a ton more to say about this product, other than it just simply works. Pop your favorite pen in, and forget about it- it’s always at the ready on your desk.

Again, you can pick up the Penwell Traveler right here, but hurry up. There are only ten days left in the campaign and a limit on some of the reward options!



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