Piuma Minimal Pen by Ensso Design Kickstarter Announcement

Piuma Minimal Pen by Ensso Design
Kickstarter Announcement


The Piuma Fountain Pen is a new minimalist design by ENSSO. This sleek fountain pen is designed with only the necessary components. The end result is a pen that has only what it needs, and nothing else. The Piuma features an interchangeable Bock nib section and is compatible with international cartridges or the included converter. The cap threads are wider than those commonly seen on fountain pens, which allows for fast and easy opening and closing of the pen. The Piuma is available in a matte black aluminum/ black nib, a brass body/stainless nib, and titanium body/titanium nib configurations.  I’ll have a sample on hand shortly, and can’t wait to check it out!

ensso-minimal-fountain-pen-titanium-3Don’t want to wait? You can head over to the Kickstarter page to back one for yourself. Pledges start at $45 for an aluminum pen, $55 for brass, and $75 for titanium. As of right now, there are 34 days remaining in the campaign and it has surpassed its funding goal by over $18,000.

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