Field Notes Spring 2016 Colors Edition – “Sweet Tooth”

Field Notes
Spring 2016 Colors Edition
“Sweet Tooth”

Specs From Field Notes:

“The “Sweet Tooth” Edition features French Paper’s Pop-Tone line “Blu-Raspberry,” “Banana Split,” and “Tangy Orange” for both the 100-lb covers and extra-beefy 70-lb text pages. The covers are stamped in matching shiny metallic foils from Crown Roll Leaf Inc.

Field Notes Colors Sweet Tooth Review-8The body pages are unruled, and perforated just the right amount. Not so much that you’ll notice it while using the books, but just enough so that, with a quick fold, the pages come out neat and clean. The books are bound with black staples.”


Field Notes Colors Sweet Tooth Review-7Another season, another COLORS release from the fine folks over at Field Notes. This colorful, stand-out edition definitely brings about mixed feelings from me. The book comes in a pack of three, one reddish-orange, one robin egg blue, and a pale-ish yellow. I’m having a hard time describing the colors, as they’re bright, but not THAT bright. They look cool, and the punch of these primary colors were so much fun to photograph. The books are held together by black stables and a brown and green belly band. I don’t quite understand why they’re called “Sweet Tooth”, as nothing is clearly indicative of candy. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little disappointed that they didn’t run with the candy theme a little more or opt for a different name.

Field Notes Colors Sweet Tooth Review-9The books stand out from the rest thanks to their perforated pages. This is a first for Field Notes, and I definitely support the idea. The pages don’t come out super easily, but they remove cleanly when you want them to. One of the most convenient aspects of carrying paper with you is that you can write down and exchange info quickly and easily. I’d much rather have a page cleanly removed from a notebook than damage it apart each time I wanted to tear out a page. So kudos to Field Notes for this feature, I’d love to see it in their other notebooks, especially with some proper ruling.

Field Notes Colors Sweet Tooth Review-6Speaking of ruling – there is none. The blank pages are made of thick, almost construction paper-like sheets. They take to a variety of pens and ink (including Sharpie!) with ease. The paper has just the right amount of tooth and provides an excellent writing experience for pencils. The wacky colored paper does make it a little tricky to read some inks, so be mindful about what you’re using on it. Field Notes Colors Sweet Tooth Review-10

These are definitely a fun addition to the COLORS family. I can’t say how much I’ll end up using them all, but I will be carrying the yellow one in my bag. The allure of perforated pages sounds like it will come in handy a whole bunch. The Sweet Tooth books are still available over at Field Notes, but act quickly. Like the other COLORS editions, these are a limited run!

Field Notes Colors Sweet Tooth Review-4


5 thoughts on “Field Notes Spring 2016 Colors Edition – “Sweet Tooth”

  1. If you aren’t going to use them, send me the red ones! :-)! They are my all-time favorite FN — for sketching!


  2. Lol I’m with you on the story bedind naming this edition – but when I showed this to my English folk they all responded the same (without knowing the name) CANDYYY

    1. They’re almost like carrying around post-it notes, just not sticky. The colors are bright, but that makes them easy to see. Perfect for leaving notes!

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