Namisu Nova Titanium Fountain Pen Review

Namisu Nova Titanium Fountain Pen
– Review –

Namisu Nova Titanium Fountain Pen Review-6Specs:

  • Description: The titanium version of the Namisu Nova
  • Nib: Bock medium in steel, size 250
  • Filling Mechanism:international standard cartridge / converter (not included)
  • Weight: 45g capped, 32g uncapped
  • Measurements:12mm grip diameter, 139mm capped, 128mm uncapped
  • Color Options: Titanium or anodized Aluminum

Namisu Nova Titanium Fountain Pen Review-4Intro/About:

I received this pen about a month ago, very (very) shortly after getting the aluminum version. After seeing a few people on Instagram with the Ti version, I checked out the specs. My main issue with the aluminum was that it’s just a bit too light. The titanium version weighs a bit more, and in my opinion, is the perfect weight and balance for a fountain pen. I didn’t go for the fancy titanium nib, so both of my Namisus have the steel medium. This review is more of a comparison than anything, so make sure to check out the original Namisu Nova Aluminum review here!

Namisu Nova Titanium Fountain Pen Review-5Feel:

Titanium is one of my favorite metals, and for good reason. It’s strong, sturdy, and looks and feels great in the hand. It’s more robust than aluminum, weighs just a bit more, and takes a nice shiny polish. The titanium used on the Nova is no exception to any of these characteristics. The pen is perfectly balanced when writing. It has just enough weight to make writing effortless, while adding some substance. The metal is smooth and warms up when you use it. It’s got just enough texture as to not be slippery, but still retains some shine. The titanium version definitely feels better to write with than the aluminum.

Namisu Nova Titanium Fountain Pen Review-3Pros:

  • Perfect weight / balance
  • Looks awesome
  • Good price point
  • This version is less plain-looking than the anodized aluminum


  • Still rolls like crazy
  • Still doesn’t include cartridge or converter

Namisu Nova Titanium Fountain Pen Review-1Conclusion:

I liked the aluminum Nova enough to get the titanium version, and I’m glad I did. At just under $80 (depending on the exchange rate) the titanium pen is a fantastic deal. It’s solid metal, exhibits super clean machining, and is comfortable to write with. As I’ve mentioned, I find the added weight to be in the “just right” range. It feels substantial, but doesn’t weigh me down. If I had to recommend one Namisu, it would definitely be the titanium.


11 thoughts on “Namisu Nova Titanium Fountain Pen Review

  1. Why didn’t you pick the titanium nib?
    I have one and it’s nothing like the other nibs I own, I am in love with it!
    I would really like to hear your opinion about it.

    1. I already have one on my Tactile Turn Gist, and they use the same nib unit. It’s a broad that skips a little bit, so I don’t use it quite as much. However, they do swap from pen to pen easily and I can use it whenever I want. In my experience, the fine and extra fine Ti nibs worked a bit better than the broad I have now.

  2. these look so nice. they look very similar to Nakaya’s Piccolo model. but i assume the weight would be the major no-no for me. 32 gram uncapped would still be a bit hefty for long writings.

    1. I find that the balance of the titanium model is so good, that the weight doesn’t really have an effect on me. I haven’t used it for anything super long but every time I pick it up, it’s great.

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