Karas Kustoms x Dudek Goods – “CUBE” Pen Holder & Kickstarter Launch

Karas Kustoms
Dudek Modern Goods
“CU13E” Pen Holder
Made in the USA

Karas Kustoms x Dudek Modern Goods CU13E Review-22


The CU13E on Kickstarter
Karas Kustoms on Instagram
Clicky Post on Instagram


  • Solid block of anodized aluminum (1lb., 14 oz.)
  • 9 delrin-lined holes for your favorite pens
  • Available in 5 colors


I’ve been hearing about the CU13E for a while now and when an unexpectedly heavy box from Karas Kustoms showed up at my office, I knew immediately what was inside. Behold, the first collaboration between Clicky Post’s Mike Dudek and Karas Kustoms’ Dan Bishop –  The CU13E. Taking design notes from Mr. Dudek’s popular line of handmade walnut pen holders and desk accessories, the CU13E spins the concept – making it out of aluminum, adding a chamfered edge, and a whole lot of weight.

Karas Kustoms x Dudek Modern Goods CU13E Review-2

I am happy to call both Mike and Dan friends and I was even happier to see them come up with such a cool product that distinctly shows off the best design cues of both Dudek Modern Goods and Karas Kustoms. The CU13E is quite heavy, weighing just shy of 2 lbs. The bottom is adorned with four rubber feet and several etched logos.

Karas Kustoms x Dudek Modern Goods CU13E Review-5

The weight and the rubber feet ensure that your favorite pens are not going to be knocked over any time soon. The actual holes for each pen are fitted with delrin sleeves to protect against scratches. It looks great on my desk and it’s very nicely made. If you like what you see, head over to the Kickstarter to back the project (which has already surpassed the funding goal by quite a bit).


Karas Kustoms x Dudek Modern Goods CU13E Review-3


Once again, thanks to Mike and Dan for sending over the CU13E for review, it’s happy with its new home on my work desk! Also, while photographing it, it reminded me a lot of the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Maybe it has some of the same mystical powers? Back the project to find out for yourself.


The CU13E on Kickstarter

Disclaimer: I was given this production unit free of charge and receive no compensation for my review, but that doesn’t mean I don’t 100% believe what I said. This thing rules.

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