Ateleia Craft + Design Brass Pen – Review

Ateleia Craft + Design
Brass Pen – Review

Chris over at Ateleia Craft got in touch a few months back to tell me about his new pen project, a minimalistic brass pen. I’ve been spending some time with the pen and it has proved that simple does not mean that it wasn’t well thought out. His project has only 10 days to go on Kickstarter and funding has already been met. See below for some information about the pen:

Ateleia Craft Kickstarter Pen Review

From the Ateleia Kickstarter:

The ATELEIA pen is machined of C360 solid brass bar stock in Phoenix, AZ. With the cap, it measures 5 3/8 inches long overall and weighs about 50 grams (1.75 ounces). It has been most often described as a minimalist design, that is both slim and weighty in the hand. Although originally designed to house the Pilot HiTec-C cartridges, several other popular refill cartridges fit the housing with the aid of springs and/or spacers.

ATELEIA on Kickstarter


  • Length: 5 3/8″
  • Diameter: ~0.30″
  • Weight: 50g
  • Refill: Hi-Tec-C / G2 / and more
Ateleia Craft Kickstarter Pen Review
The cap threading on the pen is unique, with two flat sides. These flat sides allow the pen to be opened and the refill to be replaced. I like the design, as there is no seam on the body of the pen and the back end of it does not have to open.
Ateleia Craft Kickstarter Pen Review
The pen doesn’t even really look like a pen at first glance. It’s extremely minimalistic, but the great weight, balance, and diameter make it a writing instrument worthy of being carried.
Ateleia Craft Kickstarter Pen Review
The brass construction will age slightly over time, giving the pen a rustic, worn look and feel.
Ateleia Craft Kickstarter Pen Review
This better shows off the interesting thread design. The pen comes loaded with a Hi-Tec-C refill. I’m not the biggest fan of the Hi-Tec-C (starting issues) and I have since replaced it with a Pilot G2 refill.
Ateleia Craft Kickstarter Pen Review
I do have a few concerns about the pen. The cap does not have a clip and can easily roll away. This can be the case with a lot of pens out there, but the caps smaller size has me worried that I may misplace it.
Ateleia Craft Kickstarter Pen Review
Axe, because nature.

Ateleia Craft Kickstarter Pen Review

Thanks again to Chris for sending the pen over. It’s a pleasure to write with and the minimalistic design resonates well with me. The Kickstarter has just over a week to go, and if you want to get in on the project – do so now! There are also some really nice looking leather goods up on the Kickstarter as well. I haven’t had any experience with them, but if they have the same level of design and craftsmanship as the pen, they should be great.

Disclaimer: I was given this prototype free of charge and receive no compensation for my review. All opinions are my own.

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