Rhodia Ice 80th Anniversary Notepad – Review

Rhodia Ice Notepad Review

Rhodia ICE Notepad Review



  • 4″x6″
  • Silver / Grey Grid Lines
  • Bright white paper
  • Top Staple bound
  • White covers with metallic print

Rhodia ICE Notepad Review


I’ve been a user of Rhodia paper for quite some time now. Why? Because it’s probably the best paper for use with fountain pens. The 80g paper is perfectly slick and makes any writing experience much smoother. For the 80th anniversary of the company, Rhodia released the Ice edition notebook. Typically when I think Rhodia, I think black and orange. Most of their line sports either a black or orange cover, this particular notebook breaks the mold. The pad has bright white covers, silver metallic logos and text on the back and silver/grey grid lines inside. I really like the way the notebook looks, and of course it’s great for writing on with fountain pen.

Rhodia ICE Notepad Review

I think I actually prefer the grey ruling over Rhodia’s standard violet ruling. It’s much less intrusive and really lets the color of the ink you’re using shine through without distraction. The pages are all micro-perforated for easy removal and the 4″ x 6″ notebook size is nice for throwing in a bag without taking up too much valuable room.

Rhodia ICE Notepad ReviewThe Rhodia Ice is a welcomed departure from the standard color schemes. The paper is exactly what you expect from Rhodia, and I think I’m going to be picking up a few more of these because of the grey ruling. They’re great notepads, and if you’re primarily a fountain pen user and have yet to try them, you’re really missing out! Huge thanks to my friends Sunny and Karen over at Exaclair for sending over the Rhodia Ice for review!



6 thoughts on “Rhodia Ice 80th Anniversary Notepad – Review

    1. The grid is grey as opposed to purple, I really like the overall look of the pad. I’m definitely going to pick up a few more sizes soon!

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