Nock Co. – “The Brasstown” Pen Case Review


Nock Co. Brasstown Final Production Run Pen Case ReviewNock Co.
“Brasstown” Pen Case
Handmade in the USA

Nock Co. Brasstown Final Production Run Pen Case ReviewIf you’re not familiar with Nock Co. already, then now is the time to go check them out. After a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, the Nock Co. backer reward packages are now fulfilled. They are opening up their online store to the general public shortly, giving themselves a little time to build up some inventory. The first (of many) cases I’m reviewing is the Brasstown. I was looking forward to this case the most due to its versatility and unique design.

Nock Co. Brasstown Final Production Run Pen Case ReviewNock Co. is the brainchild of Mr. Brad Dowdy (aka The Pen Addict) and seamster Jeffrey Bruckwicki ( – their primary goal being to supply the pen community with stylish, well-made, and thoughtfully designed products.

Nock Co. Brasstown Final Production Run Pen Case ReviewThe Brasstown is essentially a pen roll that rolls up nicely and zips away safely into a pouch. The pen slots are on an attached “tounge” that rolls in and out of the case. Materials are top-notch and construction is a noticeable step up from the prototype model I reviewed a few months back.

Nock Co. Brasstown Final Production Run Pen Case ReviewThere’s a bit of extra fabric built into the roll so that none of the pen clips touch each other. I’ve been keeping some pricier pieces in there, and I can say that I’m not worried about their safety when tucked away in the Brasstown. I opted for the grey and blue color scheme, which is subtle when closed up, but has a great pop of color when unrolled. The contrasting blue stitching on the outside is a great touch that acts as a preview for what’s inside.

Nock Co. Brasstown Final Production Run Pen Case ReviewThe pouch is a bit larger than I had expected, but this is a welcomed discovery. When fully loaded with 6 larger pens, the case is still capable of being stuffed with a few more. I keep my One Star Leather pen sleeve tucked inside the roll as well. The extra room can easily accommodate cheaper or more durable pens that you don’t mind touching each other.

Nock Co. Brasstown Final Production Run Pen Case ReviewI’m extremely happy with my Brasstown. The only thing worth mentioning is that I have to pay attention to which side is up. I store the case vertically in my bag, and the double zipper can be oriented either way, so there’s no clear-cut way to tell which side is up. I may throw a small zipper pull on there as an indicator. Overall, the case is constructed solidly, it looks absolutely great, and most importantly, it does an excellent job of keeping my prized fountain pens safe, sound, and accessible.

Nock Co. Brasstown Final Production Run Pen Case ReviewNock Co. on Instagram
Nock Co.’s website
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11 thoughts on “Nock Co. – “The Brasstown” Pen Case Review

  1. I want one of these so bad. I was really sad that I missed out on the Kickstarter. This one and the one that takes 3 pens and a pocket notebook are no-brainers for me once they open up the shop.

  2. Quite frankly, it’s pretty disappointing that the the keeps linking to all of these “reviews” by his cronies. Obviously, he’s just giving away free stuff to his friends who will automatically say positive things without really using the product and while people who paid with hard earned waiting in the wings to actually receive their products. How many of theses reviews of Nock Co. products should there be before people realize that they’d rather have a good review then fulfill their original backers’ orders? There’s a word for this in the tech world: Vaporware. And contrary to what might think, that’s just a slap in the face to the customer. And no, I did not back the kickstarter project and now I’m glad I didn’t because if I had I would be pissed at reading all of these so-called reviews by people who probably didn’t back the project and flaunt these cases in the face of their readers. The keep missing deadlines and yet Ed Jelley has reviewed more than one case? So much for customer service. That’s just fucked up. I encourage anyone to read the kickstarted comments and see the people who have still not received their orders. So much for January estimate.

    1. Hey man. I want to start by saying I shelled out a full $70 of my money for the “mass storage” backer level. Did I get a prototype for the Kickstarter announcement free of charge? Yes. No mistakes there. I was so happy with my prototype that I wanted more of then, and this case in particular does not disappoint. Looking at Instagram, there are a bunch of people who have received their cases. They have done a good job of keeping backers updated on the status and there were no secrets about it taking extra time. I’m very sorry you feel this way. Kickstarter is always a risk, and as far as I’m concerned, as long as I’m receiving my backer reward I don’t mind the timeframe. As with the rest of my reviews, I always list whether it was given to me free of charge or not. Please feel free to go back and check the archive, there is always a disclaimer. If you have any other thoughts, questions, comments or concerns – please feel free to send me an email!



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