Weekly Loadout Submission – Jeffrey Bruckwicki of Nock Co.

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Jeffrey Bruckwicki of Nock Co.’s Loadout

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Jeffrey’s Description:

From left to right:

  • Nock Co. Note Card Prototype Sleeve
  • Nock Co. Dot.-Dash Note Cards
  • Esterbrook LJ with EF Flex Nib 9128, inked with Rohrer & Klingner Schreibtine
  • Nock Co. Reject Lookout
  • Platinum Pro-Use .7 with H4 Lead
  • Karas Kustom Render K in Delrin with Gold Anodized Tip with Hi-tec C 0.28 refill (gift from Dudek
  • Mini Maglite LED 

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I don’t keep many pens inked up because I let a few dry out. So I keep to my Esterbrook from Brad which is the prefect writing experience for me. When I am making lists of ticking things off an existing list I go Render K. When a new product idea hits I sketch it with the Pro-Use. I really dig that my EDC flashlight fits so well in our Lookout so that goes everywhere with me now. The two under-wrap items are the prototype note card sleeve and the note cards themselves. This is my go to recording device. Every few weeks I go through the used cards and scan them in with my Doxie Flip for permanent records.

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Favorite Combo:

Render K with a black Hi-tec C and our note cards. It’s just so damn smooth and it forces me to write more clearly. 

Least Favorite Combo:

I don’t sketch a huge amount so the Pro-Use doesn’t get much love. I have tried other pencils like the Kuru-toga but always come back to this. 

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Editor’s Note:

He is the one who Nocks. No really, he’s the man responsible for feverishly cranking out your brand new Nock Co. cases. It’s awesome to see what the man behind the cases is carrying. There’s not too much of any one thing here, and it’s clear that he chose the best tool for the job. Thank you a ton for submitting Jeffrey!

You can find Jeffrey whipping up some delicious looking vegan-friendly food over at The Sunday Recipe, making all sorts of awesome goods at Bruckwicki.com, and of course bartacking away all of our pen cases at Nock Co.!

Thanks for sharing!

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