Weekly Loadout Submission – Aaron C.

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Aaron C.’s Loadout

AC Loadout

Aaron’s Description:

I thought I’d submit something that seems a bit different from your usual fare. I love pens of all sorts and am a fiend for good paper. I often find myself on job-sites where a fountain pen doesn’t belong.

In those situations I still need a good set of writing instruments. I’ve designed my own utility belt (prototype shown here) and I pack what I need on the job site which includes a fine point sharpie (writes on most things) and a set of capture cards from frictionless.

AC Loadout 2

I usually keep a Pilot Coleto in the belt (blue, green, orange, brown and black) but they break easy at the job site. In the tool back I try to keep a Staedtler Triliner business set which is a fantastic way took keep a good set of EDC pens safe and secure. I always try to have a ball point around just in case someone needs to borrow one.

I realize this isn’t very fancy but it’s taken me some time to find such affordable, easy to carry pens for the job site as the Coleto and Staedtler pens. When I’m working, it’s all about utility.

AC Loadout 3

Favorite Combo:

When I’m designing, I find that I love having multiple colors available. I’ve carefully chosen the colors in my Coleto based on how I like to design. New utility belts look much better when features are highlighted with different colors.

Least Favorite Combo:

I found out a wood barrel pen dried out this week and cracked. I was very disappointed. It was a unique pen made from Lignum-Vitae wood.

Editor’s Note:

Aaron, huge thanks for sharing this totally functional loadout. It may not always make sense to have fountain pens around, but this is an awesome look of how you use writing instruments as tools. That utility belt looks awesome, and the holster looks even better. It’s great to see that you’ve found some real workhorse pens that get you through the work day, do their job, and you won’t be too upset if they break or get lost. Awesome loadout, great pictures, and thank you for sharing this unique carry!

Thanks for sharing!

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