Weekly Loadout Submission – Patrick G.

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Patrick G.’s Loadout


Patrick’s Description (Left to Right):

  • Lamy 2000 EF with Kon-Peki: I have been dreaming about Lamy 2000 for more than 6 months, and finally I got it in last November. Definitely loving it. Everything on this pen is just right. It is my work horse with the Kon-Peki ink.
  • Pilot VP F with Apache Sunset: My second fountain pen. This is THE ONE that lead me officially into this field. It still amazes me now. Orange is my favorite color and Sunset rules them all.
  • Pilot Falcon SEF with Aqua Blue: My newest purchase. Flex nib is interesting but I am still not very comfortable about it; however, the Aqua Blue works amazing with Flex nib.
  • Pilot Custom Heritage 91 EF with Oxblood: WOW is the most accurate description to this pen! The super fine line still blows me away even today! The nib is really beautiful. The price point is just right. It is indeed the best value gold nib pen. I really need to thank Brad Dowdy!
  • TWSBI 580 EF with Take-Sumi: the biggest pen I have ever have. The most playable pen. Looking forward to get a 1.1mm stub nib in the near future. I am always loading it up with black ink, and I am still looking for my favorite one.
  • Lamy Safari EF with 54th Massachusetts: My first fountain pen (and I believe it should be everybody’s first). It is cheap, writes smoothly, but too light for me.

I am still new to fountain pen, and all of my pens are “functional”. There are still many on my waiting list. Hope to expand my arsenal in the future!

Favorite Combo:

That is a hard question! Honestly everything is my favorite. The super-fine Heritage 91 with oxblood or scabiosa ; the perfectly balanced VP with fancy orange ink; The flex Falcon with aqua blue. If I have to pick out the only one, however, I would say the Lamy 2000 with Diamine Denim. Lamy 2000 needs some nib work, but once it is done, I just cannot put it down. Looking at it, holding it, using it are just pleasures. The low-profile hooded nib also makes me more comfortable to use a fountain pen at public.

Least Favorite Combo:

If the scam Visionnaire does not count, I would say the Lamy Safari. Indeed it is a great pen, but the light weight makes me not comfortable using it. However, I will always keep one within reach, because it is just so classy!

Editor’s Note:

Patrick, thanks so much for sharing. You have a really awesome collection going! A nice selection of nibs on the finer side and some really nice pens. Diamine Oxblood is one of my favorite (if not favorite) inks ever. It’s just great. I have yet to get a higher-end, non-Vanishing Point Pilot and my collection does need one. The more of these loadouts are submitted, the more it makes me want to go out and try everything. Thanks again for your great picture and awesome descriptions!

Thanks for sharing!

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