Weekly Loadout Submission – Mike Dudek of ClickyPost.com

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Mike Dudek of ClickyPost.com
@clickypost on Twitter
@mrmikedudek on Instagram

Mike’s Description (Left to Right):

  • Kaweco ART Sport – Amber – Medium Nib – Kaweco Blue
  • Kaweco AL-Sport – Blue – EF Nib – Kaweco Blue
  • Pilot Vanishing Point – Black/Chrome – Fine Nib – with Kon-Peki
  • TWSBI Classic – Blue – 1.1mm Stub with Iroshizuku Kon-Peki
  • TWSBI Mini – Classic Finish – Fine Nib – with Kon-Peki
  • Karas Kustoms Ink Prototype – Medium Nib with Kon-Peki
  • Rotring 600 – Black – Fine Nib with Visconti Turquoise
  • Rotring Newton Lava – Medium Nib with Iroshizuku Kon-Peki


I’ve been a huge Doane Paper fan and the Idea Journal and Notepads are my go-to everyday at home and work.  I recently started using the Flap Jotters this week and am probably converted to use as a replacement to the Notepads.  The paper in the jotter is more fountain pen friendly and I confirmed with Doane that it is a different type of paper than the others.  Highly recommend picking up a few of them.

DSC_0488Favorite Combo:

A newbie to the collection, the Vanishing Point with the Kon-Peki.  My first impressions of this pen are really high and I’m enjoying how reliable and ink flow is.  It starts up every time without a pause of any kind.  I’ll admit, the F runs a little bit fine, but is comfortable.  I’m probably going to put in an order for an M nib unit for it too.  Close second would be the Amber ART Sport.  The M nib on it is extremely smooth and the finish of the pen is phenomenal.  A killer combo.

Editor’s Note:

First off, I have to apologize for creating a monster. I sent Mike a sample of the Iroshizuku Kon-Peki and look at his loadout. It’s everywhere, and I can understand why, it’s such a great color! There’s a great selection of nibs here, covering most bases. Knowing Mike, there’s also a handful of various clicky pens that are not far behind. I also have the ART Sport, the AL Sport, a Vanishing Point, a TWSBI Mini, a Karas Ink, and a Rotring Newton in my collection so I can’t argue with your choices here. I usually have Kon-Peki in at least one pen as well. Great stuff as always Mike!

You can find Mike blogging over at The Clicky Post or on Instagram at @mrmikedudek. Thanks for sharing!

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 10.23.40 AMIf you would like to submit your Weekly Loadout of pens, ink, and paper, please share by clicking here and filling out the form!

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