The Cube Pen Holder – Review and Giveaway (winner announced!)

The Clicky Post Cube Pen Holder

The Cube Pen Holder

What is it: The Cube – a surprisingly simple, excellent looking, minimalistic pen holder that should be on every desk.

Who Makes it: Each Cube (or Block) is handmade by Mike Dudek, of Mesa, AZ. Not only does he make these great pen holders, but he also has a great pen blog – The Clicky Post.

Specs From

 This little beauty is handmade from a solid piece of walnut and is finished in a soft, satin poly.  It holds 9 of your writing instruments up to 1/2 inch in diameter.
Approximate dimensions: 3″x3″x2.5″

The Clicky Post Cube Pen Holder

The giveaway period is now over, thank you for the overwhelming amount of entrants!’s number generator has spoken, and the winner has been contacted. Congratulations to areyes, hope you enjoy your cube!

The Giveaway: Mike was kind enough to provide a Cube for me to give away here on the site. I purchased one of the cubes for myself as soon as I came across them on Instagram. The winner gets to pick how they want the holes drilled, depending on what pens they plan on storing in it. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post but it is strongly encouraged that you check out the links below. This contest runs from the time of posting, until Sunday, August 18th at 11:59PM EST and is open only to residents of the United States. The winner will be chosen using the random number generator at, and the comments will be numbered in the order that they are posted. You may only enter this contest once!

The Clicky Post – Store 

The Clicky Post – Main

MrMikeDudek on Instagram

The Review:

It’s kind of hard to review a block of wood that holds pens, but one that looks as nice as this does, and does it’s job as well as it does makes it a whole lot easier. The craftsmanship on The Cube is top notch. Everything is done by Mike himself, handmade, one piece at a time. The satin-finished solid walnut is beautiful to look at. The light catches the grain of the wood in just the right way that gives The Cube a subtle elegance while making it stand out from lesser quality woods. The Clicky Post Cube Pen HolderThe Cube certainly looks better than your standard pen cup, and keeps the pens from knocking around into each other. Another plus is that The Cube provides a great solution for storing fountain pens with the nib up, while keeping them easily accessible. The satin finish is light, and helps to seal and protect the wood. The Clicky Post Cube Pen HolderI cleaned mine up today with a bit of wood polish, and it looks as good as new. The holes are drilled perfectly, and uniform. I contacted Mike and asked him to make the middle row of holes a bit wider in diameter to accommodate thicker barreled fountain pens. The outer holes are a perfect fit for the Lamy Safari, the Pilot Vanishing Point, and many more.The Clicky Post Cube Pen Holder The middle holes hold everything from an Al-Star to a Montblanc 149 with no problem. The bottoms of the holes are nicely squared off, so pens stand up perfectly straight. I really have no complaints about The Cube, and I cannot find anything even remotely negative about it. I enjoy looking at mine every single day, and I’m going to be ordering another one in the very near future for my desk at work.

Try your luck with the contest, and if you’re not the lucky winner, head over to The Clicky Post and pick one up.


Please don’t forget to check out Mike’s sites!

The Clicky Post – Store 

The Clicky Post – Main

MrMikeDudek on Instagram

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90 thoughts on “The Cube Pen Holder – Review and Giveaway (winner announced!)

  1. What a beautiful pen holder – I’d probably display this in my living room as opposed to my desk, that way everyone could see it 🙂

  2. Nice looking pen holder, and I love the Lamys. When was the light blue one released? I missed that one.

  3. Very handsome for its simplicity, utility and subtly clean finish. Perfect for the uncluttered desk (unlike my own) and an ideal spot to stow and spot writing implements amidst a landslide (like mine). Congrats on such fine work!

  4. This is a beautiful design. It would look great on anyone’s desk. I have just the spot for it on mine. The only difficulty I see, would be deciding which pens to store there! I have four offices, and all of my desks would be better organized with these pretty pen holders.

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