A Friendly Reminder about the Trading Post!

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So, this post is sort of an announcement / reminder rather than a review. A few months back, I had the idea of setting up a place for people to swap ink samples, paper samples, pens, or pretty much anything fountain pen – related. So far, I’ve gotten a decent amount of submissions, and all are hosted on the TRADING POST page, ready to trade. The page as a whole has over 90 different ink samples, a bunch of paper samples, and a few pens, all anxiously awaiting trades!

Here’s how it works:

  • Head over to the TRADING POST
  • Browse the lists, find something you want
  • Click the “SoandSo’s Trade Form – Click here to trade with Soandso” at the bottom of the list you are interested in
  • You’ll be brought to their trade form, which has drop downs for all of the items they listed in the post
  • Submit the message
  • The person who you would like to trade with now has an email in their inbox with the specifics from the form

You do not have to have a form submitted to trade on the site, the Trading Post is open to everyone, and it can’t hurt to make an offer.

If you would like to submit your list, and have it published on the main page of the Trading Post, with your own custom trade form, click here for the “Trade List Submission Form”

I’ve made a few successful trades, and I couldn’t be happier. Why buy ink samples when people are willing to trade them for a small postage fee? If you have made a trade, please feel free to tell us how it went in the comments.

Happy trading!


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