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Black Friday, 2nd Edition – Lamy 2000, Sailor Kiwa Guro Nano Black, and Rhodia No. 12 Pad & Cover


So, it’s that time again. For those of you (most of you) who haven’t seen a Black Friday feature yet, this is the second installment. On the last Friday of every month I’m going to be featuring a black pen, a black ink, and a black notebook. Why? BECAUSE I LOVE BLACK.

  • Pen: Lamy 2000 – Medium Nib
  • Ink: Sailor Kiwa Guro Nano Black
  • Paper: Rhodia No. 12 Pad & Cover

Black Friday 2 - Fancy Placement

This month’s Black Friday features a newcomer (to me), and two tried-and-true favorites. The Lamy 2000 is the pen featured this month. I just got this bad boy for Christmas, so we haven’t spent all that much time together. Also, it’s not completely black, and some may even argue that it’s a really dark grey. Well, it’s black enough for me and it’s new so I wanted to feature it. So far I’m really loving the L2K. It’s buttery smooth medium nib glides effortlessly across the paper. The piston operates nice and smooth, and the knob practically disappears into the body of the pen. The size and weight are, in my opinion, perfect. I love the shape and balance of the pen. I’ve been writing with it posted but most people will find that it’s just as comfortable when uncapped. Check back soon for a full review of the Lamy 2000.

Black Friday 2 - Kiwa Guro

The ink I chose for this month’s feature is one of the smoothest writing inks around, Sailor’s Kiwa Guro Nano Black. This ink is pigmented with “nano particles” that provide a smooth writing experience. I really love this ink for a few reasons. It’s very, very smooth. It’s really, really dark. Also, it cleans out easily. After trying many black inks out, I settled on this one as my go-to. For some reason I prefer this stuff in a finer nib, but it is by no means bad in the Lamy 2000’s medium. The ink dries quick, has good water resistant properties, and has an almost matte finish (depending on the paper). The only drawback is it’s price. Hovering around $24 / bottle, it’s not making this ink an impulse buy. I would highly recommend trying out a sample though, it’s a really great ink. An interesting sidenote: the smell that this ink gives off is very interesting, it’s by no means bad. Personally, I enjoy filling up a pen from the bottle and getting a whiff of the scent.

Black Friday 2 - Open Rhodia

Last, I chose one of my go-to notepads. The Rhodia No. 12 Staple-bound Pad with Leatherette Cover. The number 12 size is perfect for a back pocket, or what I call the “sneaky pocket” inside of most jackets. The pad is of course filled with Rhodia paper which never disappoints. The #12 pad comes with lines, grid, blank or dot grid, and is easily swappable. The pages are micro-perforated, making it easy to jot down a note and give it to someone. The cover also has a pocket in it (a simple cut in the fabric) that is well suited for business cards, a credit card, or an emergency $20. It’s a great pocket notebook, and the cover provides good protection and keeps the pad from getting frayed edges, especially when kept in a pocket.

Black Friday 2 - Trio Top

I hope you guys are enjoying this feature as much as I am. Check back in on the last Friday of every month for a new installment.