Fountain Pen Day 2016 Photo Post

Lamy 2000 Stainless Steel

It’s Fountain Pen Day, and that means it’s time to embrace, promote, and appreciate the use of fountain pens. Why use a fountain pen? I’ve put together 8 reasons why in this guide, with a volume two coming out soon. I spent a few extra minutes this morning taking some pictures and doodling with a few of my favorite pens over breakfast. Enjoy the photos and make sure to write with a fountain pen today!

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Ystudio Brassing Ballpoint Pen Review


YSTUDIO Brassing Ballpoint Pen Review What is it? The Brassing Ballpoint by YSTUDIO is a solid brass pen with a unique coating on it that wears down over time. It’s simple, yet shows character. It’s an elegant pen that’s made to be used which builds patina the more you do so. Read on to find […]

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Field Notes Fall 2016 Colors Edition – “Lunacy”


This is a pretty serious Colors edition. There’s just so much going on, and the name, “Lunacy”, fits the edition in more ways than one. In case you couldn’t tell, these books are themed around the moon. They feature die cut panels, specially printed inserts, and embossing on both the front and the back. It’s an impressive looking edition, read on to find out more about these unique little pocket notebooks!

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Kickstarter: TiScribe Highlighter EDC Pen in Titanium


Kelvin from Urban Survival Gear is back at it again with another Kickstarter project. Instead of the standard pen, or fountain pen, he’s created a highlighter. Why? Because no one else has. This is the first machined highlighter project out there. There’s a few nice EDC-ready features, and the machining is clean and precise.

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Nock Co. Lanier Slim Briefcase Kickstarter Review


Nock Co. Lanier Slim Briefcase Kickstarter Review What is it? Nock Co. is the brainchild of The Pen Addict, Brad Dowdy, and master bag maker, Jeff Bruckwicki. Their previous Kickstarter to launch the brand brought about a selection of new pen cases that are intuitively designed and built to last. This time around, they’re switching […]

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