TWSBI Vac Mini Fountain Pen Review

TWSBI Vac Mini Fountain Pen Review-14

TWSBI Vac Mini Fountain Pen Review Paper: Rhodia No. 18 Lined Pad Specs: Description: A smaller vacuum filling fountain pen than the last one they made. Refills: Internal vacuum plunger fill, 2ml capacity Body:  Plastic / Aluminum Measurements: 4.91″ long closed, 5.97″ posted Weight: 24g Color Options: Clear with silver aluminum accents Writing Samples: Intro/About: I’m still hunting for a TWSBI that […]

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Namisu Nova Titanium Fountain Pen Review

Namisu Nova Titanium Fountain Pen Review-1

Namisu Nova Titanium Fountain Pen – Review – Specs: Description: The titanium version of the Namisu Nova Nib: Bock medium in steel, size 250 Filling Mechanism:international standard cartridge / converter (not included) Weight: 45g capped, 32g uncapped Measurements:12mm grip diameter, 139mm capped, 128mm uncapped Color Options: Titanium or anodized Aluminum Intro/About: I received this pen about a month ago, very […]

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Lamy Studio Platinum Grey 14k Nib Fountain Pen Review

Lamy Studio Fountain Pen Review-4120

Lamy Studio Platinum Grey 14k Nib Fountain Pen Review – Handwritten Review – Review Ink: Pilot Iroshizuku Momiji Review Paper: Rhodia Graph Pad Specs: Description: A modern cousin of the Lamy 2000 featuring a Safari style 14k gold nib Nib: 14k gold, fine Filling Mechanism: Lamy Converter (proprietary) Weight: 4.6oz Measurements:5.5″ capped, 6.2″ posted, 5.1″ uncapped Color Options: Several Writing Sample: […]

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Review Redux – Three Years with the Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen

Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen Review Redux 2015-10

Review Redux Lamy 2000 Fountain Pen Review Paper: Rhodia No. 18 Lined Pad Specs: Time Owned: 3 Years (since 12/25/2012) Nib: 14k platinum-coated gold Material: Makrolon and brushed stainless steel Filling Mechanism: Piston with nearly invisible tail knob Weight: 25 grams Measurements: 5.5″ closed, 6.0″ posted Ink Capactiy: ~2ml Link to Original Review Handwritten Review Scans: Intro/About: I’ve mentioned throughout the […]

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Tactile Turn Gist Fountain Pen / Kickstarter Launch *UPDATED w/ COMPARISON*

Tactile Turn Gist Lifestyle-17

Tactile Turn “Gist” Fountain Pen   Description: A machined fountain pen that POSTS! Nib: Steel, Titanium, or Gold, EF, F, M, B. Materials: Polycarbonate + MANY metals Refillable: Yes, via converter Measurements: 5.15″ closed, 4.64″ open, 6.10″ posted Tactile Turn on Kickstarter Intro/About: I’m starting this review off with a big disclaimer, just so everyone knows where I stand before […]

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