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Photo Post: 1960’s Civil Defense Documents and the Platinum 3776 Black Diamond

When cleaning out some drawers at work, I stumbled upon some really awesome looking radiation exposure manuals from the 1960’s. The type, layout, logos, and overall feel of these docs are just awesome. They’re great representations of the time period, both culturally and from a design standpoint. I found it awesome how well the Field Notes steno pad blends in with the documents. It really shows off the brand’s attention to detail and how they’ve pretty much nailed the look and feel they’re going for. I hope you enjoy the photos! The pen featured in these photos is the Platinum 3776 Black Diamond edition with a broad nib, fresh in from Pen Chalet!

Civil Defense Documents 1960s Platinum 3776-8 Civil Defense Documents 1960s Platinum 3776-4 Civil Defense Documents 1960s Platinum 3776-10 Civil Defense Documents 1960s Platinum 3776-16


Photo Post: Double Exposure


A few weeks ago I was playing around with the double exposure feature in camera. Luckily we are getting through winter pretty unscathed, but it’s still too cold to go outside and take pictures all day. I have yet to use the double exposure feature in my camera and dedicated an afternoon to trying it out. My personal favorite is the shot of the Nakaya overlaid with its box. It was a fun little photo project and I liked the results, so here they are!

Fountain Pen Double Exposure-8


My Desk Setup – Where do you sit?

After seeing a few different places where people posted their desk setups (FPN and I figured I would share mine with you. I’ve made several changes to my desk since filming this, and they have worked out really, really well. Check the video below to see the old setup.

Desks don’t have to be crazy-expensive to get the job done or look nice (in my opinion). I sourced the desk from Ikea, and everything came out to well under $100, which certainly isn’t bad considering the amount of desk space I have.

Enjoy the tour, and feel free to post your desks in the comments, I would love to see them!


If you’ve watched the video, you can see that quite a few things have changed. I added a shelf for ink / skulls / Star Wars stuff above the desk which has come in wildly handy. Having all of that stuff off of the desk adds so much more room on my main surface. I now also run my Macbook Pro in clamshell mode, keeping it closed with the video and audio going out to the new 23″ ASUS IPS monitor. The monitor is on an articulated mount that can swing out into the middle of the desk if need be. I have the audio running out of my monitor into a Denon amplifier and two Paradigm Atom v.4s that get the job done.


I added another section to the desk, from Ikea that matches the exisiting desk for around $30. I used to have a giant old red chair that, but that thing got in the way (don’t worry, it’s in storage). The extra table gives me a place to keep more stuff, but not clutter up my main area. It’s nice to have somewhere to be able to put stuff that I’m working on, but don’t want in my face. You can also kind of see my little stationery cabinet underneath the desk.


I need a proper chair. Also, Darth Vader is full of pens and pencils. The clock is very old, very heavy, and unfortunately very broken.


A sweeping shot of where I spend too much time. I’m pretty psyched that it only took me three full months to hang up my 2013 calendar.


The second add-on table is great, but it can collect junk pretty quickly. My extreme surgical cleanliness kind of went out the window when I got my dog, but I try to keep things as un-cluttered as possible.


The fun part. This is where about 75% of my fountain pen stuff lives. I keep most of my inks on the shelf, and some more in the back of that fake writing slope. I say fake, because when it opens, it does not provide a flat surface to write on. It’s more or less a decorative piece that I custom cut some foam for to securely hold some pens. The pen cup is a bit full, and nothing more valuable than a Safari goes in there. All pen cup overflow is transferred to the Darth Vader bank based on usage.

April2013DeskSetup7After living with it for a while,  I think I’m going to cut some new foam. I don’t think I need quite as much space in between pens and I could definitely fit a few more in there with some tighter tolerances. To think, my girlfriend was going to throw this thing out. Keep in mind, I have two four-pen holders that are also both full, and an entire draw full of ink samples, pens I don’t use often, and pen boxes.

Thanks for reading, hopefully you have a bit more insight about me and where 90% of the work that goes into this website happens. If no insight was gained, at least you got to see a whole bunch of pens. I plan on doing a post about pen storage in the future, so look out for that one as well.

Please feel free to leave pictures of your workspace in the comments, I would love to see them!

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My Instagram is pretty much just fountain pen pictures, and pictures of my dog. I thought I would do a semi-monthly update here and host my pictures from Instagram. If you can absolutely not wait a whole month to see these pictures of pens and dogs, follow me for some real-time action.