Photo Post: 1960’s Civil Defense Documents and the Platinum 3776 Black Diamond

Civil Defense Documents 1960s Platinum 3776-1

When cleaning out some drawers at work, I stumbled upon some really awesome looking radiation exposure manuals from the 1960’s. The type, layout, logos, and overall feel of these docs are just awesome. They’re great representations of the time period, both culturally and from a design standpoint. I found it awesome how well the Field […]

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Photo Post: Double Exposure

Fountain Pen Double Exposure-3

  A few weeks ago I was playing around with the double exposure feature in camera. Luckily we are getting through winter pretty unscathed, but it’s still too cold to go outside and take pictures all day. I have yet to use the double exposure feature in my camera and dedicated an afternoon to trying […]

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My Desk Setup – Where do you sit?


After seeing a few different places where people posted their desk setups (FPN and I figured I would share mine with you. I’ve made several changes to my desk since filming this, and they have worked out really, really well. Check the video below to see the old setup. Desks don’t have to be […]

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My Instagram is pretty much just fountain pen pictures, and pictures of my dog. I thought I would do a semi-monthly update here and host my pictures from Instagram. If you can absolutely not wait a whole month to see these pictures of pens and dogs, follow me for some real-time action.

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