Check out the Pen Addict Podcast this week!

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Hey everbody,

This week, Brad and Myke were nice enough to have me as the special guest on this week’s episode of The Pen Addict Podcast. Click the link below to listen to the show and check out all of the links that are discussed in the show notes. Enjoy!

“In this episode Brad and Myke are joined by special guest Ed Jelley. We follow up on two popular Kickstarter projects – the Visionnaire and the Ajoto – as well as a new resource for Field Notes trading. We then get into all things Ed, including how his blog came to be, the challenges of owning an expensive pen, his favorites, and some of the great resources available at his site.”

You can listen to the podcast on the 5by5 Network right here!

It was a lot of fun being on the show, and I just wanted to thank Brad and Myke again for having me!

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