Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-Syogun – Handwritten Ink Review


Pilot Iroshizuku: Fuyu-Syogun – Handwritten Review – Pen: TWSBI Diamond 540, medium nib Paper: Rhodia #16 dotPad I first sampled this ink a long time ago back in the beginning of my foray into fountain pens and ink. I was in the market for a grey ink, and I was immediately drawn to the blue-grey […]

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Black Friday, 3rd Edition


Sailor Professional Gear Imperial, Noodler’s Dark Matter, and a Large Rhodia Webnotebook
So, it’s that time again. For those of you (most of you) who haven’t seen a Black Friday feature yet, this is the third installment. On the last Friday of every month I’m going to be featuring a black pen, a black ink, and a black notebook. This Black Friday just happens to the blacker than the blackest black times infinity. [Read More…]

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Sailor 1911 Professional Gear Imperial Black Edition Fountain Pen – Handwritten Review

Sailor 1911 Professional Gear Imperial Black Edition - Nib and Section Angle

The Sailor 1911 Professional Gear Imperial Black Edition Fountain Pen – Handwritten Review – Review Ink: Noodler’s Bad Blue Heron Review Paper: Rhodia Elastibook, A4 – 80g Bright White Specs: Taken from Sailorpen.com and Nibs.com Description: Matte Black resin pen with titanium ion plated nib and accents. Special Features: Completely Black Pen Filling Mechanism: Cartridge […]

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Diamine Majestic Purple – Handwritten Ink Review

Diamine Majestic Purple - Page 2 Angle

Usually I’m not the biggest fan of purple inks, but this one was actually pretty nice. It’s not my favorite color in the world, but this one is a nice shade. Personally, I don’t have much use for a purple ink but since it came in the January Ink Drop from Goulet Pens, I figured I’d load it up and try it out. [Read More…]

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