Stationery in Colors – Blue Edition

Welcome to the second installment of Stationery in Colors. Make sure to check out the first set – Orange! This time, I went with blue. The grey backdrop did a pretty swell job of making the blue pop. I was also wearing blue socks, and I swear that was completely unplanned. All of the photos are uploaded hi-res, make sure you click to see them all blown up!

What’s in these photos:

Colors Series Blue Stationery-1 Colors Series Blue Stationery-2 Colors Series Blue Stationery-3 Colors Series Blue Stationery-4 Colors Series Blue Stationery-5 Colors Series Blue Stationery-6 Colors Series Blue Stationery-7 Colors Series Blue Stationery-8 Colors Series Blue Stationery-9Thanks for stopping by! Next up will be #allblackeverything.

Nock Co. Dot Dash Pocket Notebook Review

Nock Co. Dot Dash
Pocket Notebook Review

Nock Co Dot Dash Notbeook Review-13


  • Top-Stapled binding
  • 3.50″ x 5.50″ pocket-friendly size
  • 48 pages (24 sheets) of 50lb. white paper stock
  • Dot-Dash ruling (4.25mm grid spacing)
  • Blinding yellow 80lb. paper cover
  • $9 for a 3-pack

Notes: Further expanding their popular line of pen cases, Nock Co. has released the Dot-Dash pocket notebooks. Blindingly yellow covers and a unique ruling make these stand out from the pack. The top staple binding is an interesting touch that I ended up liking more than I had initially thought. Big thanks to my buddies over at Nock for sending me a three pack to check out!

Nock Co Dot Dash Notbeook Review-3The cover is very much yellow. This is well outside my comfort zone of muted, black, and grey, but I enjoy it. The 80lb. cover feels a bit thin to me for a pocket notebook. I don’t t know if it’s the coating, but it seems to get wrinkled much easier than others. It seems durable enough, so no real complaints. I like the subtle ‘n‘ branding on the front and the USA on the back.

Nock Co Dot Dash Notbeook Review-5The fact that the notebook is top staple bound makes it quite versatile. I find myself doodling in both orientations and it’s nice to have the extra room. Mr. Dudek over at Clicky Post said the same thing in his review, check it out! It’s also nice to be able to fold the top over the back (huh?) for some extra support when writing on the go.

Nock Co Dot Dash Notbeook Review-6The 50lb. paper inside does a reasonable job of holding up to ink. It’s nice and smooth, and I like how bright the white is. The ruling is in grey ink, making sure your writing is front and center, not the pre-printed lines. The paper holds up to gel, ballpoint and pencil with no problems, but rollerballs, fountain pens, and markers will bleed and feather a bit. I don’t mind this, as it means that the ink will dry faster. I wrote an entire article on what makes a pocket notebook fountain pen friendly, and I think it’s more of a pro than a con to have a quick dry time with a bit of bleed through.

Nock Co Dot Dash Notbeook Review-10 Nock Co Dot Dash Notbeook Review-11You can see that the back side would be a bit annoying to write on, but that really depends on the pen, nib, and ink you’re using. If you absolutely must use a fountain pen, an extra fine nib and a low-feather ink should be more than sufficient.

Nock Co Dot Dash Notbeook Review-7The Dot Dash ruling is very unique. It’s not quite as intrusive as a graph, but gives you all of the benefits. The light grey is easy on the eyes, yet dark enough to see clearly. 4.25mm spacing is ideal for the 3.5×5.5″ book size, not too big and not too small. It’s a pet peeve of mine when the ruling is not proportionate to the size of the notebook.

Nock Co Dot Dash Notbeook Review-12Overall, the Nock Co. Dot Dash book is good to quite good. The top binding is useful and allows you to use the book in a different way than most pocket notebooks on the market. The paper isn’t Rhodia in terms of ink resistance, but it will get you by. I’d definitely say that I am a fan of the Nock Co. books. Once again, thanks for sending them over!


Have you tried the Nock Co. Dot Dash notebook? Let me know what you think about it in the comments below!

Stationery in Colors – Orange Edition

Sometimes taking photos is more fun than reviewing items. I’m going to be doing a series based on colors, shoutout to @randomthinks on Instagram for the idea with the color orange. I’m going to keep running with different color groups until I either:

a) have no more stuff
b) get bored
c) all of the above

Colors Series Orange Stationery1

What do you think? Do you like things meticulously arranged that are all more or less the same color? Let me know!

Colors Series Orange Stationery2Each of these photos are free of watermarks and pretty big. Perfect for a desktop background. Next up is blue, there will be more photos in the set too! You can see a sneak peek on my Instagram.


Kaweco 14k Gold Nib Review

Kaweco 14k Gold Fountain Pen Nib Review

Kaweco 14k Gold Nib Review-4

Review Pen: Kaweco ART Sport Amber
Review Ink: Kaweco Summer Blue

Notes: Kaweco has recently added 14k gold nibs to their lineup and they are great! I’m a fan of their steel nibs (EF, F, and M – nothing bigger) but this gold nib is on a whole new level. It’s got great ink flow and it is silky smooth. It starts right up, even after being unused for weeks. Retailing at around $100, it makes a great upgrade for an AL or ART Sport – adding a premium look, feel, and writing experience. This is definitely one of the better stock gold nibs I’ve used. If you’re a Kaweco fan, consider adding one to your collection. The newest Kawecos all have easily interchangeable nibs, so you can swap this one in and out easily. Thank you to Sebastian over at Kaweco for sending the nib to check out!

Kaweco 14k Gold Nib Review-1 Kaweco 14k Gold Nib Review-5 Kaweco 14k Gold Nib Review-6 Kaweco 14k Gold Nib Review-7 Kaweco 14k Gold Nib Review-8

Gallery: – Check out my 3 part series on analog writing

I’ve recently been given the opportunity to write on a regular basis for Everyday Carry. I’m really happy to be a part of the team over there. I’ve been a fan of the site since it started as a simple Tumblr page and it’s incredible to see how it has grown both as a site and in popularity. We figured that a great way to get started would be with a three part series on the benefits of analog writing, broken down into posts about pens, pocket notebooks, and more premium writing utensils. You can check out the articles via the links below:

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 5.37.16 PMAnalog Writing Part 1 – Why You Should Carry a Pen

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 5.37.38 PMAnalog Writing Part 2 – Why You Should EDC a Notebook

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 5.37.48 PMAnalog Writing Part 3 – Making Writing Part of Your Daily Routine

Thanks for checking it out, I would love to hear your feedback on the series. Let me know in the comments below!

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