Field Notes “Workshop Companion” – Summer 2015 Colors Edition – Review

Field Notes
Summer 2015 Colors Edition
“Workshop Companion”

Field Notes Workshop Companion-11Specs From Field Notes:

“This 27th limited COLORS edition is a set of six books, boxed in a sturdy 60-pt custom slipcase with a sheet of crack-and-peel decals. Each of the books focuses on one DIY discipline — Wood Working, Automotive, Gardening, Painting, Plumbing, and Electrical — each containing tips, reference materials and the usual Field Notes wise-cracking.

Field Notes Workshop Companion-4The six covers are color-coded to compliment six tones of 100-lb cover stock from the French Paper Company’s terrific new “Kraft-Tone” paper, their first new grade in five years. The 70-lb text Kraft-Tone “Standard White Kraft” body pages feature our dot-grid, and are bound with tough brass staples. Anyone fixing a switch, planting a bush, or painting a door jamb will find these books make a nice addition to their workbench, junk drawer or toolbox.Field Notes Workshop Companion-2


This is going to be like my coverage on the other COLORS editions by Field Notes – more of an overview than a full review. If you’re unaware, Field Notes puts out a quarterly limited edition, usually themed, with some cool details involved. This set of 6 books is packaged in a cardboard slip cover and they’re themed to help you get work done. Each book represents a sect of handiwork, from electrical to plumbing. The covers are heavy 100 lb. stock that feels like it will stand up to being tossed in a toolbox or back pocket.

Field Notes Workshop Companion-10I particularly like the brass staples. They’re subtle, but I think that’s why I like them. The 70 lb. paper inside is quite toothy, but does a decent job holding up to fountain pen ink. I’ve been more into pencils lately, and the toothy paper feels great with some nice graphite. There’s a bit of feathering and some minor bleed through, but Field Notes haven’t ever been the greatest for fountain pens. Gel ink, ballpoint pens and even some markers work well with the paper, you shouldn’t have any trouble.

I’m a fan of the edition, and as with all COLORS editions, these are limited. Head over to FIELD NOTES to grab a pack (or two, like I did…) before they’re gone forever!

Field Notes Workshop Companion-12Gallery:


Kickstarter: PenPad – A Notebook With Pen Storage

Kickstarter Announcement:
The PenPad
A Notebook With Pen Storage

IMG_20150504_172028Have you ever gone into a meeting without a pen? Hopefully not, but if your pen lives inside your notebook, it’s way less likely to happen. The PenPad by Nathan Metzger is a premium notebook with a built in pocket for pen storage. The pen storage pocket is small enough to leave a ton of available page real estate, but large enough to accommodate many types of pens.  The A4 sized notebook comes standard in black leatherette, but other colors can be unlocked with the stretch goals. An integrated bookmark ribbon keep your latest notes easily accessible and the smooth 80gsm paper is nice to write on. Ensure that you’re always ready to write with the PenPad. Learn more on their Kickstarter page and back the project should you so desire to add one to your notebook collection!

IMG_20150526_182351 IMG_20150526_182314


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by PenPad.


Tactile Turn Pruner and Parer Kickstarter Announcement

Tactile Turn Pruner and Parer Kickstarter Announcement

Will over at Tactile Turn makes some of my favorite pens out there. He informed me of his latest project, the Pruner and the Parer, two buy-it-for-life takes on the most popular razors in the market. If you’re looking to add an upgrade to every part of your day, not just writing – consider his latest Kickstarter project for these awesome razors. Each of the handles is precision crafted and have a quality feel. They are on the heavy side, so watch out for accidental drops! Why shave every day with a cheap plastic handle, when you can use something that’s built to last, made in the USA, and just plain looks cool?

Tactile Turn Both-5
The razors have a similar texture to the Tactile Turn Mover and Shaker grips – this is great for traction and control.
Tactile Turn Both-6
The razors are slightly different in size. One is a bit wider, longer and heavier than the other. Both feel good in hand.
Tactile Turn Razor Lifestyle-9
You won’t need this leather strop to keep the cartridges sharp, but it sure does make for a nice picture…
Tactile Turn Razor Lifestyle-4
If you’re still using canned aerosol shaving cream, consider switching to a brush and some real cream. The experience is much more enjoyable and you’ll get a better shave. Bonus – premium creams tend to skip the chemical additives which can actually be more irritating than soothing.



Full Disclosure – Will commissioned me to take the photos for his campaign, you can see some above and many more over at his site. If you would like more information on photography for your brand, you can contact me here!

Bag Dump – Here’s an inside look at what’s in my bag!

Bag Dump
An inside look at what’s in my bag!

EFJ_0783(click for large size)

Huge glaring issue here – there’s no fountain pens. Turns out I forgot my Nock Co. Brasstown which was full of pens on my work desk. So don’t worry, they’re usually in here too. This week I have a Lamy 2000, a Lamy 2000 Stainless, a Griso Grey Safari, a Montblanc 149 and a Pilot Custom 823 w/ Architect grind. The pencils are all fresh in from CW Pencil Enterprise and I’ve been testing them out to see which I prefer. So far the Caran d’Ache Swiss Wood are ahead of the pack.

The leather case houses three Field Notes – the Ambition set. I use the datebook as a journal, the graph for misc. notes, and the ledger to track spending. So far these have been excellent.

The Fuji X100T is my go-to, everyday camera. It’s my favorite camera and probably one of my favorite possessions. It’s so fun to use and the image quality is outstanding. A lot of the photos you see on the site and on my Instagram are from this camera. The built in wifi transfer makes for quick and easy editing on the go. This is where the iPad mini comes in handy.

The front pouch of the Topo Mountain Brief leaves something to be desired, so enter in the Cocoon Grid-It. The Grid-It is a board loaded with elastic straps that have rubber grips on each one. This system keeps all of my odds and ends (you can see there are quite a few) organized and safe. The bag itself is the perfect EDC bag for me, it’s just the right size and I love the way it looks.

My Retina MacBook Pro 15″ is my everyday computer for both work and play. I bring it with me back and forth to work, it handles photo editing with no issues and the screen looks great. I appreciate the HDMI output, as it makes connecting it to my office monitor a breeze. I’ve been using Mac for so long now, I couldn’t imagine using anything else.

Thanks for taking a peek inside my bag!

Bonus pic: my key setup and a closeup of my phone. I carry a lighter (I don’t smoke) just in case and another small flashlight on my keychain. The paracord isn’t with me every day, but a small length of it is right at home on my Peter Atwood Roll Bar in Bronze.

Disclaimer: This post includes Amazon Affiliate links.

Cleaning House – Pens for Sale

Trying to clear out some of the less-used pieces in my collection. If you’re interested in multiple pens, I will discount shipping!

All prices include shipping and insurance to the United States, if you are international, please let me know and we can work out a new price. I’m open to offers as well, so feel free to make reasonable offers! Please no trades at this time!


Ti Post Pen and Stylus by BigiDesign

Pens for Sale-2

Takes many refills – $55 shipped and insured
Barely used.


Masterstroke Airfoil TwistPens for Sale-5

Ballpoint – $25 shipped and insured
Cool looking pen, thick grip section.


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