Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine – Handwritten Ink Review

Pen: Lamy Safari Limited Edition 2012, Green Apple – 1.1mm Stub Nib
Ink: Pelikan Edelstein Aventurine
Paper: Rhodia dotPad

Notes: I bought this ink to go with my Pelikan M605. I hadn’t tried out the ink before buying a bottle, but I really lucked out. It’s a beautiful shade of green with great lubrication, flow and shading properties. It’s my ink of choice for the M605 as it matches the green ink window in the pen. Enjoy the review.

Whitelines Grid Notebook – A4 Size – Handwritten Stationery Review

Handwritten Review – Whitelines Grid Notebook – Grey 80g – A4 Size

Pen: Pelikan Souveran M605 – “Binderized” Fine Nib

Ink: Vintage Sheaffer’s Peacock Blue

This notebook was given to me, and at first I threw it to the side and ignored it for a while. I have a smaller journal by the same company that has regular line ruling in it. I wasn’t really the biggest fan of the journal, the paper was weird, it didn’t lay flat, and was awkward to write in. Fast forward eight months later, I came across this notebook in my book shelf and decided to give it a try. In my opinion, the grey paper / white ruling works out much better with a grid than it does with standard lined ruling. The paper performed pretty well, but there was a bit of bleed through / show through going on. While it’s not as good as Rhodia or Maruman, it’s definitely worth checking out. Enjoy the review, and please feel free to comment if you’ve tried out the brand.

The cover is prettty minimal, borrowing some colors from Rhodia.

The ruling is really unobtrusive, also the grey paper is really easy on the eyes.
It messes with the color of the ink a little bit, but it’s still worth checking out.

Overall, it’s no Rhodia dotPad in terms of being unobtrusive while still providing guidelines, but a solid pad nonetheless.

A little bit of show through. Could prevent you from using the back of the page, but depending on the ink / nib it’s not so bad.
This was written with a “binderized” Pelikan M605 fine nib, so the flow is pretty generous.

I used a few different ink / nib combinations at the bottom of the page. Even the broad and 1.1mm stubs failed to feather. 

The Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen – Handwritten Review

So after spending a solid week with the pen, here’s my review. Pilot really sets the standard for what an entry level fountain pen can be capable of. I feel weird even calling it entry level, because the only thing entry level about it is the price. It looks, feels, and performs like pens three to five times the price. I hope you enjoy the review as much as I’m enjoying the pen.

Pilot Metropolitan - 1

Pilot Metropolitan - 2

Pilot Metropolitan - 3

Pilot Metropolitan - 4

Pilot Metropolitan - 5

New Feature – Black Friday, 1st Edition – Pilot Metropolitan, J. Herbin Perle Noire, Rhodia Elastibook

Being that tomorrow is Black Friday here in the USA, I’m posting this. The name of this unofficial shopping holiday gave me the idea to start a new monthly feature that I’m going to call Black Friday. I’m going to feature a different black pen, black ink, and black notebook on the last Friday of every month with a few words about each item, and a quick recommendation. Black is my preferred color for ink, pens, and pretty much everything else I own.

The first edition of Black Friday features the new Pilot Metropolitan in Matte Black with the dotted section, J. Herbin Perle Noire ink, and Rhodia’s Elastibook, in black of course.

Sheaffer’s Peacock Blue (Vintage) – Handwritten Ink Review

Pen: Pelikan Souveran M605, Fine Nib
Ink: Vintage Sheaffer’s Peacock Blue
Paper: Rhodia dotPad

Notes: I inherited this ink along with my Uncle’s collection of fountain pens. I really love this ink. I may be slightly skewed because it has sentimental value to me, but whatever. It’s, not It’s going to be a sad day when I run out of this stuff. It’s well behaved, cleans out easily, and most importantly, it reminds me of my Uncle. Check out the review. If you’re into light blue / turquoise ink, this is definitely worth tracking down a bottle of. I really like this ink in my Montblanc 149 (seen in the header image) and in my Pelikan M605. Also worth noting, I compared it below to Noodler’s Bad Blue Heron (B.B.H.) but I abbreviated it, so that’s what that is. Seriously though, try and get some of this stuff before it’s gone forever.