Maruman Mnemosyne 182 Inspiration Book Review

Maruman Mnemosyne 182
Inspiration Book Review

Maruman Mnemosyne 182 Notebook Review-9


  • Book Size – A5 (5.8 x 8.25″)
  • Ruling – grid / blank
  • Grid Size – .5mm
  • 70 Sheets, perforated
  • Top wire binding
  • Plastic cover
  • 80gsm, fountain pen friendly paper
  • Made in Japan
  • $10.50 from JetPens

Maruman Mnemosyne 182 Notebook Review-3

The Mnemosyne line of notebooks by Maruman are definitely amongst my favorite. They look great, they’re filled with fountain pen friendly paper, and they come in a variety of convenient sizes and ruling. The inspiration book was designed with the creative in mind, featuring both blank and grid rulings. It’s the perfect size to toss in a bag and go. It also doesn’t take up a ton of desk real estate, but still provides enough room to sketch out ideas, take notes, and more. I’ve found that I tend to go through Maruman notebooks rather quickly. If that’s not a testament to how much I like them, I don’t know what is. This configuration is fast becoming one of my favorites. Make sure you check out the gallery below for a ton more pictures, all at full resolution!

Maruman Mnemosyne 182 Notebook Review-13

Thanks to JetPens for sending the book over for review!


Disclaimer: This book was received as a review unit, free of charge. All opinions are my own.

PSA: Tactile Turn Gist Has 1 Day Left!

Tactile Turn Gist Fountain Pen-1

Only One Day Left!

I just wanted to give you guys a heads up, there’s only one day left on the Kickstarter campaign for the Tactile Turn Gist. This is definitely one of my favorite pens that has come out recently. You can check out my full review of the pen here.  This pen brings something new to the market, yet oddly familiar. I’ve been carrying the pen in my pocket, next to a Tactile Turn Shaker, and it’s held up well to abuse. I haven’t been overly careful with it, and it still looks as it did on day one. I can definitely say I’m a fan. After shooting the product photos for the campaign, I immediately backed it for a brass grip/finial model with a steel nib, in addition to the titanium grip/finial model with titanium nib I have on hand. If you’ve been on the fence about it, might as well snag one now before the prices shoot up to retail after the campaign ends. Did you already back the project? Let me know which combo in the comments below!

Karas Kustoms “EDK” Machined Pen Review

Karas Kustoms EDK
Everyday Carry Pen Review

Karas Kustoms EDK Massdrop Review-4Specs:
– Machined Brass / Tumbled Aluminum
– Schmidt P8126 Rollerball Refill
– Stainless Steel Pocket Clip
$45 from Massdrop

Karas Kustoms Massdrop EDK EDC Pen Review-4


The EDK (everyday karas? karry?) is a new pen by Karas Kustoms that’s launching exclusively through Massdrop. The pen is geared towards the EDC community. It’s sort of a hybrid “Bolt”  / “Retrakt” with some added machined rings for grip, a click mechanism, and a knurled top. Inside there’s a Schmidt Capless Rollerball refill, but the pen is able to take standard Parker Style refills as well. The model that Massdrop sent over for consideration (thanks!) is composed of a brass grip and a tumbled aluminum upper. Karas Kustoms Massdrop EDK EDC Pen Review-3While I like the pen, I think there could have been more optimizations for EDC as the name implies. I wish the clip/knock allowed for a deeper pocket carry. I’ve had the silent knock mechanisms (used on Karas Retrakt, Tactile Turn Mover/Shaker, Airfoil Click, and many more) accidentally engage in my pocket. It’s a bit more prominent on the Retrakt/EDK because of how high it sits in the pocket. Karas Kustoms Massdrop EDK EDC Pen Review-7The Schmidt P8126 is nice and smooth, and writes with little effort. I’d like to see an EDC pen that has to write anywhere at any time have a refill in it that’s capable of the same. A Fisher Space pen or some other pressurized ballpoint would have made a lot of sense here when reliability is a key factor. I’m happy to report that these can be easily swapped in as long as they’re Parker-size. I was surprised to see an EDC pen built around a rollerball refill. The EDK features a brass grip that adds some nice weight towards the front of the pen. The forward balance of the pen makes it super easy to write, and the pen puts ink on the page with little effort. I like the very noticeable forward balance of the pen. Karas Kustoms Massdrop EDK EDC Pen Review-6The grooves in the grip (never before seen on a Karas pen) add a nice bit of tactile feedback and visual flair. The tumbled aluminum looks great and does an excellent job of hiding scratches, which is nice considering that the pen has been riding next to my knife in my front pocket. The brass grip is also starting to patina nicely, adding some character to the pen. The length of the EDK is comfortable to write with – shorter than the Bolt and Retrakt, but not so short as to be inconvenient to write with. The construction of the pen is top-notch, exactly what I’ve come to expect from a Karas Kustoms pen. Karas Kustoms Massdrop EDK EDC Pen Review-5Overall, I like the pen, but I’m not in love with it. I think there are many optimizations that could have been made for an absolutely killer EDC pen. I think even something as small as a deep pocket carry clip would have made the pen closer to my ideal EDC pen. Fit, finish, and construction are top-notch, so there should be no disappointments there. If you’ve been looking to add an EDC pen to your collection, consider the EDK – this pen is available on Massdrop right now!

The EDK next to the Retrakt!
The EDK next to the Retrakt!


Disclaimer: free stuff. 

Dudek Modern Goods “Divide” Winner Announcement & Discount Code

Dudek Modern Goods “Divide” Winner Announcement & Discount Code!Dudek Cube GAW-7

…and the winner is…
Congratulation to Ginni C!

Thanks to all who participated, read the review, and clicked around the site. We had over 280 entrants, which is huge! Congratulations to the winner, Ginni C! The random number generator has selected your comment as the winner. You’ve been emailed with information on how to claim your prize. Please make sure to answer soon, if I don’t get a response in a reasonable amount of time, I’ll draw another comment from the entries.

Since there can be only one winner, Mike Dudek and I have aimed to make the loss a little less harsh by providing an exclusive discount code.

and use the code “EDSENTME” 

(Good for 10% off  any of his wonderful, handmade pieces.)

Thanks again!

J. Herbin 1670 Bleu Ocean – Ink Review + Video

J. Herbin 1670
Bleu Ocean (New w/ Sheen)
Fountain Pen Ink Review

J. Herbin 1670 Bleu Ocean Fountain Pen Ink Review Sheen-13PenLamy 2000 Stainless Steel – Broad, Folded Nib Dip Pen
Paper: Kyokuto F.O.B. COOP – Dot Grid – B5


J. Herbin caught some flak when they released a blue 1670 ink a few years back and it had no gold flake. Well, no need to worry any more, as they’ve added a good amount of it to their deep blue 1670 ink. The gold flake (shimmer, whatever you want to call it) is a very fine powder, so be careful about leaving it in any one pen for too long. I haven’t had any clogging issues with regular use, but there’s no harm in being a little bit more cautious with this ink. Flow and saturation are good, and the gold flake really pops against the darker blue. Although some may have preferred a silver sheen, don’t knock it until you try it. The blue and gold looks pretty great in my opinion.

Check out this video I produced for J. Herbin for the new ink:

All photos are uploaded in hi-res, click to enlarge!J. Herbin 1670 Bleu Ocean Fountain Pen Ink Review Sheen-15 J. Herbin 1670 Bleu Ocean Fountain Pen Ink Review Sheen-8 J. Herbin 1670 Bleu Ocean Fountain Pen Ink Review Sheen-7 J. Herbin 1670 Bleu Ocean Fountain Pen Ink Review Sheen-5 J. Herbin 1670 Bleu Ocean Fountain Pen Ink Review Sheen-4 J. Herbin 1670 Bleu Ocean Fountain Pen Ink Review Sheen-3 J. Herbin 1670 Bleu Ocean Fountain Pen Ink Review Sheen-2


  • Nice Color


  • Watch for clogging


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